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Meg Sullivan

Washington University in St. Louis

















Collegehoopsnet recently had the opportunity to interview the Bears senior forward.  The Indiana native is hoping to help the Bears bounce back from a "disappointing" 25-1 season.  We'd like to thank Meg for taking the time to answer our questions.

1) To be blunt, Washington University women's team has been the most successful basketball program in the country over the last five years, and Coach Nancy Fahey has to be considered one of the top coaches in NCAA athletics. Could you tell us a bit about her coaching style, and what has enabled her to have such a special career?

I can't be any more specific than she just knows it ALL. Her knowledge is vast and her players recognize that and trust her coaching decisions. She is intense and demands respect but yet she is there to help with all problems on and off the court. Coach Fahey just has an amazing amount of knowledge about not only the game of basketball but also about life. I think this is what really has made her so successful. She applies all of that to her coaching style and it enables her to deal with her players in what seems to me the perfect way in every situation. I have been very fortunate to play for her.

2) Last year, the Bear's lost to Wisconsin-Stevens Pt. in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament, ending the streak of four consecutive National Championships. Do you think finally having lost for the first time in the tourney will make the team even that much more focused to get back to the top? Do you have any predictions of where the team will finish next season?

The team is very focused and having started preseason with captains we have all made the commitment to bump it up a notch and really focus up on what we want to accomplish this year. However we never loose sight of why we all show up to basketball everyday and that is to have fun. It's going to be a great year and I can't make any predictions but I do know with all the work we are putting in it will be tough for us NOT to be a contender for the National title.

3) Did you ever become jaded to all the winning? How does Coach Fahey motivate the players to consistently perform at such a high level, even if the team has already run away with the standings?

It was a little tough for me after my first two years when every game was won by at least 20 points. My high school career wasn't like that but I became accustomed to it quickly and so when games began to get close or even the few we lost it was a huge deal. We just had to sit down as a team and realize that we are still successful even if we don't win by 20, as long as we play our best and leave everything out on the court. Coach reminds us of that everyday and her motivational talks always keep us yearning for more success.

4) You're listed as a 6'0" forward. How would you describe your own game? Is there anything in particular you've been working on to take your game to new heights this season?

I'm definitely a shooter, but this season I hope to be a little more physical inside.

5) What would you consider your best personal performance of last season. You poured in 17 vs. Brandeis and had 15 vs. Case Western. Do these games stick out, or is there another game that surpassed those?

I remember the game against Brandeis very vividly because the first three minutes Laura Crowley and I both hit three consecutive threes, matching each other back and forth everytime we came down the court. It had to be frustrating for Brandeis but for us it was great. It seems like anything we threw up went've gotta love those days!

6) Do you know anything about this year's incoming class? Do you think any of the freshman will be major contributors this season?

We've got some great talent coming in so hopefully they will help us out.

7) Wash. U is recognized nationally as one of the top 20 academic schools in the country. How hard is it to balance athletics & academics, while also finding the time to have some fun?

It's been tough but it gets easier the more I adjust. One of the hardest parts is the lack of knowledge of the sports programs. I will never forget taking a Chemistry test the Monday after we got back from the Final Four my freshman year. We got home late Sunday night and had just won a national championship. After an extremely busy weekend and a total emotional high, I was in no mood to take a Chemistry test, let alone be mentally prepared for it. However, my professor would take no excuses of any type. Sometimes I will even go to class and my professors will ask how the basketball team is. I just smoothly reply "Oh, you know, we just won the national championship the last four years." It's crazy how academically focused this university is!

8) I'd like to wish you the best of luck in the new season. Is there anything you'd like to tell Bear fans, or other hoop fans from around the country?

Thanks for all the support!






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