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Assistant Kort Wickenheiser

A10 HomePage

Saint Bonaventure  Basketball

Coach Wickenheiser is beginning his second season on Jan Van Breda Kolff's staff, while hoping to lead the Bonnies to an A10 title.  We'd like to thank him for taking the time to take part in our Coaches Survey Series.

(CHN) How satisfied are you with the 'state of the program'? What do you thinkis needed for your program to the reach the next level?

Very satisfied. Jan van Breda Kolff's program is in its second season here at St. Bonaventure University... as always, there is a transition period associated with every coaching change. I really like where the program is headed and as Jan's system takes hold these next couple of years I am confident "big things" are sure to happen.

(CHN) On a similar note, what do you feel about the current state of the NCAA?
Are there any major problems with the institution of College Basketball?

I believe the NCAA tries to "set protocol" that promotes and fairly regulates all of its members. It's often the timeliness of their policies that needs improving; some decisions come too quickly for most coaches and some seem to take too long.

(CHN)Do you look for specific players to take important leadership roles each year? Who do you expect to fill that role this season?

Championship teams always have leadership beyond the coaches. And we expect to compete for the A-10 Championship beginning this season... so without question we are looking for and trying to develop good player leadership on and off the court.

We are looking for our experienced players to fill the role this year. We have three Seniors - Robert Cheeks, Patricio Prato, & Joe Shepherd and return a very experienced Junior - Marques Green. It is very foreseeable that one of these players will become our team's natural leader... or it will be leadership by committee.

(CHN) How do you feel about the newcomers to this year's squad? Who do you think will be a major contributor right away?

All of our newcomers have a chance to make a big impact. Certainly though, Jamil Terrell & Calvin Brown have the most direct route. Both are 6'8" and athletic and both give us real strength around the basket. Last season we really lacked this aspect. Ahmad Smith is a very talented 6'5" point guard. He is the perfect addition to Jan's system and will contribute right away.

(CHN)What are your reasonable expectations for this year's team?

We fully expect to compete for the A-10 Championship and push for an NCAA Tournament berth.

(CHN) Is there anything else you'd like to tell (your school's) fans, and basketball fans around the country?

We couldn't be enjoying more, the support that Olean and Western New York gives The Bonnies. We are working hard to make them proud.

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