Battered and Bloodied: The Year in College Basketball Videos

February 9th, 2009

This college basketball season has been an interesting one to say the least. Like any other year we have seen teams rise and fall. We have seen great individual performances, nail biting games, and buzzer beaters…but this year has also been entertaining for other reasons. There have been ejections, cheap shots, and even a face stomp. Here’s a collection of videos on the “controversial” events that have occurred already this season…


Taxicab Confession


Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy was arrested on December 18 for punching a Cincinnati cab driver and shouting racial slurs at him. The cab driver told police that he picked up Kennedy and his friends after they were kicked out of a bar. The problem apparently began when the cab driver instructed Kennedy that there wasn’t enough room for everyone to fit in the cab. Since the arrest, a police video has been released of the incident. I hope HBO airs this on an episode of Taxicab Confessions.




Pat Knight’s Impersonation of Usain Bolt


Texas Tech coach Pat Knight decided to take a page out of his father’s book in his latest tirade. The Red Raiders coach Usain Bolted out onto the court to argue a call in a recent game against Nebraska. Coach Knight confronted one official on the far sideline, who assessed him his first technical, and then confronted another official at midcourt, who then assessed the coach with another technical. Both techs led to his ejection. His assistant coaches then led him off the floor, but Knight wasn’t finished. He ran back to midcourt to let the refs hear more about his side of things.





Slap Heard Around the World


Miami Florida guard Jack McClinton doesn’t like to play nice. McClinton was ejected after slapping Ohio State guard Anthony Crater in the face during their ACC-Big Ten Challenge matchup in December. McClinton was standing in front of the Ohio State bench when the altercation occurred. He was apparently reacting to Crater swiping at him. Video


Do you remember the first slap that had donned this title? For those of you who watch MTV’s Real World you might. It’s the infamous Stephen vs. Irene fight in Real World Seattle. Stephen slapped Irene right in the face as she jumped in the car. This is right after he threw one of her stuffed animals in the river. Stand up guy.




Below The Belt


USC’s Leonard Washington was ejected after delivering a low blow to Preseason All-American Blake Griffin. The refs called a foul and reviewed the play. Upon seeing the cheap shot they assessed a flagrant foul on Washington and he was ejected from the game. Griffin immediately hit the floor after getting the wind, amongst other things, knocked out of him. Washington played his own version of just the tip.




Disney’s Stomp the Yard…or Face?


Houston’s Aubrey Coleman may have thought he was auditioning for his own version of a Disney movie. Coleman stepped directly onto Arizona forward Chase Budinger’s face. I am honestly surprised there wasn’t more retaliation. This may have been the dirtiest play of all time. Budinger got up fast and luckily other players and refs intervened rather quickly so nothing further happened.




Throw Them Bows


Michigan’s Manny Harris’ flagrant flying elbow on Purdue’s Chris Kramer got him ejected. I was watching this game, from my couch with my snuggie (half joking), and didn’t think Harris deserved to be ejected. There are ways to swing through and then there are ways not to swing through. He was making a “basketball” move. He was trying to create space and don’t think he was making this in a malicious way. Its unfortunate that Kramer was injured on the play and I think in the end the correct call was made.




Brotherly Love


Providence guard Jeff Xavier was driving to the lane when he was inadvertently hit in the eye on his way to the basket. Xavier immediately hit the floor, followed by his brother. Jonathan Xavier, Jeff’s brother, ran down the stairs of the Dunkin Donuts Center, hopped over the Marquette bench and approached a referee. All of this happened while Geoff McDermott was on the foul line. I think this is the closest a Friar fan has come to rushing the court since the 90’s.





Unfriendly Owl


I have seen mascots fighting mascots and plenty of antics that these usually friendly and furry creatures get themselves into, but this is something entirely different. Rice’s Sammy the Owl was ejected from a game against Tulane after head butting a ref. He used his giant foam head to get his point across. His loyalty to the team is no longer questioned.