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Iona hires new assistant, and a great attendance policy at Georgia

June 7th, 2007

According to Dick "Hoops" Weiss of the New York Daily News, Iona has hired former Seton Hall point guard Shaheen Holloway as an assistant coach. Holloway spent last season at his alma mater, helping out first year head coach Bobby Gonzalez in South Orange as a graduate assistant. With the amount of youth in the Gaels' backcourt, this is a very good hire. Iona had trouble in the backcourt last season due to injuries and inexperience. Returnees such as Milan Prodanovic, Mike Harris and De'Shaune Griffin should benefit from Holloway's presence on the staff.

Court of Law: Legality of Coaches Using Physical Force

February 22nd, 2007
NCAA Legal IssuesIs a coach such as Bob Knight permitted to use physical force as part of his coaching style?

Court of Law: Legality of Coaches Using Physical Force

February 22nd, 2007
NCAA Legal Issues 






Suspensions and a key injury on Wednesday

January 18th, 2007
Boston College

With a slate full of games from the Big Ten and Big East, you'd expect to only have to concentrate on scores Wednesday night. Well, that all went out the window when Boston College announced that center Sean Williams and forward Akida McLain were dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules. Further details should be released in the coming days, but going into Littlejohn Coliseum to face an angry group of Clemson Tigers shorthanded is not a good way to spend your Saturday. The dismissed pair have been in Coach Al Skinenr's doghouse in the past for behavioral reasons, having missed games the past two seasons as a result. Those transgressions were taken care of at the beginning of each season, however, and that's what makes this episode all the more surprising.

Bill Walker: What Does the Future Hold

August 10th, 2006
Imagine yourself as a high school basketball player who is recognized as not only one of the best in your city or even state, but among the best in country. Imagine coming out of the locker room, and instead of seeing the smattering of friends and family that most high school gyms host, you see a few thousand people cramming into rickety wooden bleachers and lining the walls, all looking at you.  Imagine winning two state championships before you even have a date for junior prom. Imagine looking forward to a senior year with your best friend, and the endless possibilities it could bring. Now imagine it all being taken away, leaving that clear future a little murky.  Such is the life of Bill Walker, the super-athletic forward who was ruled ineligible for his senior year at Cincinnati's North College Hill High School.

Academics Too Tall a Task for Alleyne

June 6th, 2006
KentuckyIn late May, WLEX, a Lexington TV station, reported that Alleyne was ruled academically ineligible, and his status for next season was still up in the air.