"Big Dance" Interviews: Notre Dame forward Carleton Scott

March 15th, 2011
As part of his "Big Dance" interview series CHN writer spent a few moments with Notre Dame forward Carleton Scott, one of the key cogs for the Fighting Irish. Notre Dame struggled when he was out with a hamstring injury in January, taking off upon his return. The two-seed in the Southwest, Notre Dame opens with Akron on Friday in Chicago.

Jon Teitel: You missed all of your freshman season after breaking your foot and four games in January after tearing your hamstring. How healthy are you feeling, and are you happy that you will be able to finish your career on the court instead of in rehab?

Carleton Scott: I am feeling really good, and am happy to be back on the court with my brothers.

JT: Your teammates have had their own problems (Tim Abromaitis was arrested with Irish QB Nate Montana at a party in July, Scott Martin missed all of last year with left ACL tear, etc.). Do you feel that everyone will be able to overcome all of their own obstacles and focus on the task at hand?

CS: I do, because that is what we have been doing all year. Scott has come back strong for us, and we have made a good run thanks to him and Tim.

JT: Since coming back from the injury your team has won 12 of 14 games. Do you feel like your team is playing its best basketball of the season right now?

CS: We are getting there, and we hope to be peaking at the right time of year, which is March.

JT: You had 14 points and 10 rebounds in a first round loss to ODU in 2010. What did you learn from last year's tournament that you think will help you succeed in this year's tournament?

CS: It was a terrible feeling after the loss, so I do not want to have that feeling anymore. I have tried to learn some things by watching the film of that game, as much as it hurts.

JT: Coach Brey was an assistant at Duke when they won a pair of NCAA titles in 1991 and 1992. What makes him such a great coach and what has he taught you about what it takes to succeed in March?

CS: He has been a great coach for us and trusts us, so we trust him too. A lot of teams have coaches who do not trust their players, but he lets us make a lot of decisions and gives us guidance.