Big Ten Basketball: 5-Year Ranking

November 14th, 2011

As part of our 5-Year Ranking series, here's how the Big Ten teams stack up according to conference wins. The makeup of the Big Ten is quite different from most of the other power-conferences. The also-rans in the Big Ten have fared much better than other league also-rans, while the middle teams are much more mediocre. With one or two surprises, the final league standings will probably look pretty similar to the 5-year standings.

First Tier

1t - Ohio St - 65 wins - Neck and neck with Wiscy, thought it seems like OSU gets all the hype

1t - Wisconsin - 65 - Constantly overachieve in Big Ten play, but rarely surprise in NCAA's

3 - Purdue - 63 - For all these wins, Purdue hasn't advanced past the Sweet Sixteen

4 - Michigan St - 58 - For first time in a long time, Michigan St is officially in a rut

Second Tier


5 - Illinois - 44 - Fans have higher expectations than such mediocrity



6 - Michigan - 36 - It seems like slowly but surely, Michigan is headed in right direction

7 - Minnesota - 35 - Gophers yet to win a tourney game under Tubby Smith

8 - Indiana - 32 - 2007-08 seasons make this number look a lot healthier than reality



9 - Penn St - 30 - Have been a 2nd class citizen for some time, but never completely dormant

10 - Iowa - 28 - No postseason trips in this 5-year stretch

11 - Northwestern - 25 - Have been competitive the last three seasons, but still not over NCAA hump

*The Big Ten adds Nebraska, who won 30 games in Big 12


Check back for the Pac-10 & SEC rankings tomorrow.


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