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Tracking Cougars - LA style

January 14th, 2008
Washington St

Well the most brutal road trip of the year is in the books for the Cougs and what transpired was pretty much two by the book affairs. First USC...although the Trojans were a slight favorite at home, anyone who really knows the Cougs is not surprised by the way they handled USC. The Trojans feature one mega talented superstar (how appropriate for tinsel town) and a slew of young, athletic side-kicks. WSU features a TEAM of experience, battle hardened and defensive minded individuals who know how to handle pressure and create pressure. A Coug blowout was not hard to see.

Tracking Cougars - Pac-10 prognostications

January 6th, 2008
Washington St

Week one is in the books for the Pac-10. So how will the Cougs do?

Tracking Cougars

December 29th, 2007
Washington St

Well the pre-conference schedule is over for the WSU Cougars and they are undefeated and ranked #4 in the country. First, let's reflect on how unbelievable that sentance is. WSU has flirted with success in basketball in the past, with teams that have been #2 to UCLA in the Pac-10. But never, repeat NEVER have the Cougs been expected to excel at a national level until 2007-08. So is the non-conference schedule any clue as to how they will handle expectations? Well yes. And the answer is, this team is OK with winning.