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Daily Dribble: Replay in 15

November 23rd, 2007

As always, the concept is simple. A recap of yesterday's action in 15 quick bullet-points. We begin:

1. Hope everyone loaded up on tryptophan yesterday.. its good for the health.. or something.

2. If you take Michael Beasley away from Kansas State, they look like Kansas Wesleyan.. or worse.

3. Everyone knew South Carolina would rely upon their transfer. But last night, the Gamecocks were basically a two man (see below) team with Downey and Frederick scoring over 60% of their points.

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Thanksgiving Daily Dribble: Replay in 15

November 22nd, 2007

As always, the concept is simple. A recap of yesterday's action in 15 quick bullet-points. We begin:

1. We all know this is the year of the freshman, but it goes deeper than just the Kyle Singlers (25 points last night), Kosta Koufos's (24), and Patrick Pattersons (23) of the world.

2. Dayton freshman Chris Wright had 26 and 12 over Toledo last night, and Pepperdine's Tyrone Shelley had 24 in an OT win over LBSU.

3. Neither of those guys success should be that shocking though, both were consensus Top 100 recruits.

Daily Dribble: Replay in 15

November 21st, 2007

The concept is simple. A recap of yesterday's action in 15 quick bullet-points. We begin:

1. Patty Mills is not a woman.

2. He's a freshman who scored 37 points in SMC's upset over Oregon.

3. He's also an Australian, just like Vandy's Andrew Ogilvy who is averaging 20 and 7 in just 25 mpg.

4. Gerald Henderson is twice as good as he was last year. I admit I didn't see it coming.

5. Michigan State is overly reliant on Drew Neitzel (even when he's not close to 100%). Nothing new there.

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Top 10 Players in the WAC

November 18th, 2007

It seems like its taken forever, but I finally conclude my series of conference player rankings. Like the other lists, this one was finalized shortly before the season started.. so there's a few unlisted guys that have gotten off to great stats. Nevada's Brandon Fields is averaging 12 and 4 assists after 3 games. San Jose State center CJ Webster has been strong in the paint, averaging 13 and 10 boards for the 2-1 Spartans. Meanwhile, heralded WAC freshmen DJ Wright & Herb Pope haven't played so far for various reasons.

1. Jaycee Carroll, G, Utah State
2. Marcelus Kemp, G, Nevada

Daily Dribble: Top 10 Players in the MWC

November 15th, 2007

Continuing with my conference player rankings, its on to the Mountain West. This list was compiled just before the season started, but some names not listed have gotten off to quality starts: Andrew Henke of Air Force is averaging 15 and 7 after two consistent games. Senior Alvarado Parker is averaging 14 and 10 after two games, including a double-double in a blow out win over Rice.

Top 10 Players in the MWC

1. Brandon Ewing, G, Wyoming
2. Luke Nevill, C, Utah
3. Trent Plaisted, C, BYU
4. Wink Adams, G, UNLV
5. JR Giddens, G, New Mexico

Daily Dribble: Top 10 Players in the MVC

November 13th, 2007

The MVC's hopes of getting multiple teams into the NCAA Tournament are slimmer than they've been in recent years. Yet the talent level isn't too bad, comparable to other 2nd tier leagues like the CAA and WAC. The only real void is the lack of true go-to scoring star like they've had in Jamaal Tatum or Nate Funk. If his first game is any indication however, perhaps Creighton freshman P'Allen Stinnett will be that guy. Another guy off to a great start is Drake's Jonathan Cox, a 6-8 junior averaging 15 and 10 after two games.

MVC Top 10

1. Randal Falker, F, SIU

Daily Dribble: Top 10 Players in the CUSA

November 9th, 2007
Conference USA

Continuing with the best players in the high-major conferences, I move on to the CUSA. There was a danger of this becoming simply a copy of Memphis' roster, but there are underrated players scattered across the league.

Conference USA

1. Chris Douglas-Roberts, G, Memphis
2. Derrick Rose, G, Memphis
3. Rob McKiver, G, Houston
4. Jeremy Wise, G, Southern Miss
5. Robert Vaden, F, UAB
6. Joey Dorsey, F, Memphis
7. Stefon Jackson, F, UTEP
8. Robert Dozier, F, Memphis
9. Paul Delaney, G, UAB
10. David Gomez, F, Tulane

Next In Line

Daily Dribble: Top 10 Players in the CAA

November 5th, 2007

Overall, the CAA doesn't have as much talent as other Top 12 conferences, but it has arguably the best non-BCS player in VCU's Eric Maynor. Two players who didn't suit up last year, UNCW's TJ Carter (injury) and James Madison's Abdulai Jalloh (transfer) made the Top 10.

Colonial Athletic Association

1. Eric Maynor, G, VCU
2. Antoine Agudio, G, Hofstra
3. Frank Elegar, C, Drexel
4. Will Thomas, F, George Mason
5. TJ Carter, G, UNC-Wilmington
6. Matt Janning, G, Northeastern
7. Herb Courtney, F, Delaware
8. Folarin Campbell, G/F, George Mason

Daily Dribble: Top 25 Players in the SEC

October 28th, 2007

I finally conclude the BCS portion of this year's Top 25 Player Rankings. Out of all the leagues, the SEC was perhaps the hardest to figure out. The guys at the bottomof the Top 25 aren't much better than the guys Next in Line.. and then some guys that I left out such as Steven Hill, Jai Lucas, and Andrew Ogilvy have a strong claim as well. Which brings me to next point: these rankings were never intended to project NBA Draft or future potential. If so, guys like Sonny Weems or Alonzo Gee might very well be at the top.

Daily Dribble: Top 30 Big East Players

October 23rd, 2007
Big East

After a lengthy delay, I finally present the Top 30 players in the Big East. The ranking is expanded from the Top 25 due to size of the monstrous 16-team league. The Big East's Top 5 might not be as good as some other BCS leagues, but no conference comes close in terms of the overall talent pool

1. Dominic James, PG, Marquette - Coming off a down year, James will be playing for his NBA career
2. Roy Hibbert, C, Georgetown - Improving big man gives Hoyas a unique presence down low