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Daily Dribble: Saturday Report Card

January 6th, 2008


The Report Card


Daily Dribble: Power Conference Power Rating

January 5th, 2008
ACCSome talk that Oregon State is the worst BCS team ever.. we'll see below in my monthly 73-team BCS Power Ranking. This follows u


1. UNC 14-0 (ACC)(1)

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Daily Dribble: High-Major Power Ranking

January 4th, 2008
DaytonFollowing yesterday's Mid-Major Top 50, I'm back with a complete 66-team ranking of the “High-Majors”. This includes the A10, CAA, CUSA, MVC, MWC, and WAC.  I’m not suggesting that the A10 might not be better than the Big Ten this year, or that a league like the Horizon isn’t better than the WAC (which is real bad right now), or anything like that.. I use these grouping year to year simply for ease and consistency.

Daily Dribble: Top 50 Mid-Major Ranking

January 2nd, 2008
ButlerRolling in the New Year with the first of three multi-conference rankings. Today will be the Top 50 Mid-Major teams, followed by the a complete "High-Major" ranking (conference 7 through 12), and then an overall BCS ranking. As a reminder, I consider the A10, CAA, CUSA, MVC, MWC, WAC to be "High-Major" conferences.


Daily Dribble: Memphis/Georgetown Thoughts

December 22nd, 2007

For whatever reason, I got more feedback than usual on my recent Pittsburgh/Duke Thoughts Dribble, so I figured I'd fire it up once again for Memphis/Georgetown. So without further ado, here are some scatter-brained thoughts on the game:

#2 Memphis 85 - #4 Georgetown 71

- Someone wake up Roy Hibbert. Granted, the game was early and Hibbert isn't exactly the Energizer bunny, but he's got to get himself going for such a big game. From about the 5th to the 35th minute, Hibbert spent the game moping around with his shoulders shrugged

Daily Dribble: Pittsburgh/Duke Thoughts

December 21st, 2007

Last night was one of the best night's of the college basketball season.. hopefully setting up what should be an even more exciting weekend. Here are a bunch of scatter-brained thoughts on the biggest game of all, Duke/Pittsburgh:

Pittsburgh 65 - Duke 64 (OT)

- Well, Pitt shut me up pretty good. I really didn't give the Panthers much of a chance before the game, and even less of a chance 15 minutes into the game. But I can't quibble about their schedule anymore, this is simply a great win.

Daily Dribble: Surprises by Conference

December 20th, 2007

Today's column is the first in a Surprise Teams series, in which I list a surprise team from each conference. Some, like Texas are, are positive surprises, while others, like Louisville, have been disappointing..


America East

Daily Dribble: Tuesday Night Recap

December 19th, 2007
The standard Daily Dribble today, a dozen donuts worth of gooey college basketball filling:


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Daily Dribble: Monday Night Rewind

December 18th, 2007

Here is everything you need to know about last night's college basketball action. Well, at least here's 10 things you need to know:

1. Duke can score points. They finished with 111 against Albany, shot 60% from the floor and 58% from three. Granted, at 5-5, Albany's not a powerhouse right now, but they also hadn't loss by more than 9 before last night. 41 was the final damage though.

2. Taylor King should have his own special three-point line 24 inches beyond the regular arc. It wouldn't deter him from shooting anyways.. and it would add a bit of intrigue to Duke games.

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Daily Dribble: Grading the Top 30 Freshmen

December 17th, 2007
When it comes to ranking prospects, I'm partial to the guys at Year in and year out, I think they do the best job. With that said, I wanted to see how their Top 30 prospects have fared so far. This is, of course, the year of the freshman so the grades are higher than in the past. But not everybody's lived up to expectations.. and some guys have barely even managed to get on the court.


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