Daily Dribble: 2/9

February 9th, 2007

Thoughts, thoughts, and more thoughts..

- Most people find this hard to believe.. but I don't really read ESPN.com's basketball coverage (or any other site's for that matter). Honestly, I rarely pay attention to what goes on over there unless a reader or a message board poster highlights something. Apparently they set up a Mock Selection Committee, which I only heard about after reading an email from a reader by the name of Travis Klein. Looks like a cute endeavor on ESPN's part.. but what's really the point of this? To highlight what we already know about the process.. that's its completely subjective, arbitrary, and biased? If that's the point, then I guess they succeeded. What's really odd about the whole thing is how it took into account some ridiculous occurrences like Memphis losing the CUSA and Evansville winning the MVC? Did they just roll a dice or throw darts? And why did only Mid-Major powers lose in their mock up (Butler, Memphis, SIU/Creighton) all fell? Hell, lets make believe Rutgers wins the Big East tournament! I guess even this "shake-up" biased towards the power-conferences.. apparently only mediocre mid-majors win their conference tournaments.. but mediocre power conferences teams (ie, Syracuse last year..) never make such runs.

- Anyways, enough about ESPN. Its better off not knowing what those jokers think. Instead, thoughts on last night's games:

- Butler's Pete Campbell scored 28 in last night's blow out win over Cleveland State. Campbell's been on a tear since New Year's. In 2006, he never scored over 8 points in 13 games. He's now scored 9+ in all 11 games in 2007. Campbell is shooting 53% from three (on 100 attempts so its no joke #) and his 8.3 ppg in just 13.5 mpg is pretty darn impressive and the best scoring rate of any Bulldog.

- Wilson Chandler had 25 and 11 in DePaul's nice home win over Notre Dame. I harp on Chandler often, but this guy has no business merely averaging 14 ppg. He's one of the most gifted players in the Big East and its time he starts putting up the big numbers. (Going back to that ESPN Mockery above.. Villanova was a 6 seed for god knows why. Yet you have a DePaul team that's equal to them in the standings, has a win over Kansas, and beat Nova in Philadelphia.. yet they don't even get a sniff at the Big Dance. Apparently the committee watched Nova's CBS game against Texas a few weeks back and "fell in love..")

- Huge win for Drexel last night over Hofstra in OT. The Dragons have wins at Villanova (the 6 seed I mentioned above..) and at Syracuse, but they hadn't beaten a top CAA team yet (0-4 against Hofstra, VCU, and ODU before last night). With those teams off the schedule, there's a good chance the Dragons sweep their remaining 4 CAA games. That would put them at 14-4 in league play and 22-6 overall. There's also a BracketBusters game left at Creighton. That game could determine whether Drexel has a shot at an at-large bid (I think they deserve a shot regardless of that game).

- UMASS moved back into sole possession of 1st place in the A10, destroying Rhode Island last night. Stephane Lasme had his 3rd triple-double of the season (18, 12, and 11 blocks). Jason Kidd should look out.

- South Alabama is quietly owning the Sun Belt. Well, owning is an overstatement since the Jaguars needed overtime to put away 2nd place Western Kentucky last night. But at 12-2, USA is now 3 games ahead of WKU and on an 11 game winning streak.

- USA is only one of 5 teams that have won at least their last 10 games. Holy Cross, Winthrop, Florida, and Memphis are the others. Holy Cross' streak could be in danger because they had to Bucknell tonight.

- Northern Iowa is officially done. The Panthers lost a home game at Drake and are now just 7-7 in the MVC. Then again (4-6 in the Big East.. Villanova.. gets you a 6 seed in the Tournament apparently.. so I guess .500 in the MVC is worth what.. a 3rd seed?)

- That's all for now