Daily Dribble: 3/24

March 24th, 2007

- Following Tubby Smith's lead, Randolph Morris bolted Lexington.. siging with uber-bad GM Isiah Thomas and the Knicks. Not a bad move by the Knicks, but better for Morris.. who turned not getting drafted into a 2 year 1.6 million dollar contract. Articles proclaim Morris is a solid addition for the Knicks' "playoff push", but I can pretty much guarantee Morris will have absolutely no impact on this year's playoff race.

- Wyoming hired Fresno assistant Heath Schroyer yesterday. Schroyer was a head coach at Portland State a couple years back, where he surprised many by leading a dormant Portland State to a Big Sky regular season title in 2005. Schroyer reportedly has vowed to play a faster-paced, aggresive style at Wyoming.. basing this in part on the higher altitude. I've always wondered if altitude really makes much of a difference.

- I've been a big Brandon Rush fan since high school.. but I'm really not that impressed with his 6-6 of shooting performance last game.. or the fact he's 16 of 21 (76%) in the tournament. Those numbers are admittedly crazy good, but the fact he's only shooting 7 times a game is crazy frustrating. The best offensive player on the court (which he's been all 3 games in the tourney) needs to be more involved.

- UNC's rebounding domination of USC was just silly last night. With Gibson out, it was like USC was a biddy basketball team going up against an NBA squad. It was embarrasing.

- Lost in UNC's comeback win was Tyler Hansbrough's 5 point-4 rebound game. That was the first time in his 68 game career that he ever had under 10 points and rebounds combined. Ie, along with the fact he was 1 of 6 from the floor, it was officially the worst game of his life. Can't get too down on Tyler considering he's coming off a 33 and 9 game in the previous round. Expect him to fall back into the usual 18-20 range tomorrow against Georgetown and be a major factor.

- I believe just a day or so ago, I wrote in another article how I wasn't a huge fan of Tajuan Porter. Then he goes all crazy and scores 33 points on 8-12 shooting from three.. and he's only a freshman.. and he's 5 freakin' 6. The funny thing about Porter was that after an all-world first three games of the season (he averaged 31).. Porter came back down to Earth and was basically a 10-12 ppg scorer the next 30 games who didn't rebound and barely passed the ball as well. But ultimately so long as he hits threes over a 40% clip, it doesn't really matter what else he can or cannot do.

- The good thing about this year's lack of upsets.. is that it was forseeable.. and thus the site's official prediction had 7 of the 8 remaining teams correct. Glad my initial skepticism about putting such a top-heavy bracket up paid off.

- The negative though of our top-heavy Final Four (Florida, UNC, OSU, UCLA).. was that Dick Vitale picked the same thing! Any joy of possible predicting the Final Four right would be lost knowing that dope did the same..

- By the way, look out for an expansion to the CHN family as we open NBA (CHNBasketball.com) and college football (CHNFootball.com) sites in the near future.