Daily Dribble: 3/9

March 9th, 2007

Countdown to Selection Sunday can legitimately be made in hours at this point. Less than a week to the start of the tournament. Less than a few months before we start previewing the 2007-08 season..

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: How does Tommy Amaker still have his job? Michigan's loss to Ohio State today means they'll be back in the NIT once again. Maybe they should just call it the Michigan Invitational Tournament at this point..

I don't care if Iowa beats Purdue today (which they wont), this is not an NCAA Tournament team. You can say they improved or got hot, or you can say their 9-7 record is simply an example of why the Big Ten is mediocre. If you put Iowa in the Dance, you have to include Northern Iowa who beat the Hawkeyes in Iowa City and went 9-9 in the MVC.

Regardless of whether Florida State makes the tournament or not, Al Thorton's NBA Draft stock is going up by the week. He's now passed the 20 ppg scoring mark and is probably past the 20th pick in the Draft right now.

Duke was somehow ranked 21st coming into the week.. but after going 8-8 in the ACC and losing in the tournament first round, they deserve to be seeded like the 41st ranked team..

Which is better than Alabama, who probably deserves to be the 41st ranked team.. in the NIT.

Georgia Tech's season was almost exactly like Duke's.. except ESPN isn't in love with the Yellow Jackets. Still, I'm not sure how they gave up 114 points to Wake Forest. Harvey Hale came off the bench for the Deacons to score 22 points in just 18 minutes. That's called lighting it up.

Syracuse fans were offended by an article by Adam Stanco earlier in the week saying they don't belong in the tournament. Fact is that he's right. The only chance they have of winning an opening round game if they make it, is by playing an equally overrated Big Ten team (Purdue, Illinois, etc) in the 7-10 game.

Air Force has quietly collapsed, losing 4 straight to finish 23-8 overall. Not a bad record.. but they started 17-1.. that's 6-7 the rest of the way by my count. Falcons need Dan Nwaelele going strong again, he hasn't scored 20 since January and is 2 of his last 15 from three after hovering around 50% most of the season. Also in the MWC, San Diego State might have blown their season by losing to Colorado State last night. I hope Brandon Heath likes the NIT.

Expect Long Beach State to beat UC Irvine tonight, and then wrap up the Big West tomorrow night. Led by Aaron Nixon, the 49ers are one of the most experienced teams in the country. They have 7 seniors who play 18+ minutes a game. Despite the experience, and despite the the fact they've won 9 of 10 games.. this will not be a hard out in the opening round of the Dance. They're extremely quick, athletic team.. but will get eaten up inside by any high seed.