Daily Dribble: Friday's Report Card

January 25th, 2008

The Report Card


A new series, the Daily Report Card tells you all you need to know about the day in college hoops. From good to bad and bad to worse, I'll be laying down the law.


A - Ron Hunter

The IUPUI head coach has been getting some good pub for his campaign to collect shoes for children in Africa.  He went shoeless on the sidelines last night to help promote the cause, and so far his campaign has generated over 110,000 shoes due to the contributions of individuals and corporations. Besides such real-life success, Hunter is also having success in the basketball realm where his Jaguars are 14-5 overall. 


B - Boise State

Quietly the Broncos are in the midst of one of their best season's in years. At 5-2, they actually have a shot at the WAC Championship, and their overall 14-5 record looks nice. Their odds of making the Big Dance are slim as they'll have to go through USU, NMSU, and Nevada to get there. But with Reggie Larry, a fringe NBA talent, and other seniors like Matt Nelson and Tyler Tiedeman.. this team has the experience and depth to make some noise in Las Cruces.


C - Arizona

Nice win for the Wildcats last night, who beat Washington State to improve to 3-3 in Pac-10 play. When Bayless is 100%, this team can play with anyone in the Pac-10 (well, maybe not ULCA but everyone else). In fact, they may be 15-4 or 14-5 if he had played every game, and not the mediocre 13-6 they are now. Still, this team has some work to do to prove they're not just a mediocre team wrapped in legendary uniforms. We'll find out next weekend when they face USC & UCLA on the road whether this team is legit.


D - Jeff Allen

I don't want to rip Allen too much for his 2-game ACC suspension. He's only a freshman, having a solid and underrated season.  But you simply can't make contact with a ref, no matter how innocuous the contact is. He shouldn't feel guilty for causing VT to lose to Duke, because the Blue Devils would have won anyways.  So long as this something like this doesn't happen again, Allen is on the verge of stardom.


F - Princeton Offense

I'm tired of hearing about the intricacies of the Princeton offense. Watching Northwestern get rocked by Michigan State last night, all I kept thinking was jeez this team isn't very good. Granted, its their lack of talent that is the main problem, but the Princeton O doesn't help like outsiders might think. The reality is that for the one time a half that the offense does in fact lead to a beautiful wide-open lay up, the other 95% of possessions lead to mediocre shots.



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