Daily Dribble: Replay in 15

November 21st, 2007
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The concept is simple. A recap of yesterday's action in 15 quick bullet-points. We begin:

1. Patty Mills is not a woman.

2. He's a freshman who scored 37 points in SMC's upset over Oregon.

3. He's also an Australian, just like Vandy's Andrew Ogilvy who is averaging 20 and 7 in just 25 mpg.

4. Gerald Henderson is twice as good as he was last year. I admit I didn't see it coming.

5. Michigan State is overly reliant on Drew Neitzel (even when he's not close to 100%). Nothing new there.

6. Illinois will never be great again until they get someone in the program who can break down a defense.

7. Florida's schedule is Jim Boeheim's dream.

8. Purdue might be young, but being down at half to 1-5 Lipscomb is just poor.

9. Troy's basketball team barely outscored its football team last night, 51 to 45.

10. Bruce Weber has a dog named Daisy. No one cares.

11. If Dominic James could shoot, he'd be a heck of a ballplayer. Oh wait, that was in my notes from 4 years ago..

12. Remember when Colorado's Richard Roby was a possible lottery pick?

13. If you didn't know, Jay Bilas played basketball at Duke.

14. Bruce Weber and Dick Vitale in the same room would cause ears to explode.

15. Though losing to LSU last night, Chaminade should be favored against Princeton.