Daily Dribble: Sunday Thoughts

January 28th, 2007

So many thoughts.. such little space to put them all in. Where do I begin?..

UCONN is done. Period. Well.. if they win 5 straight lets talk, until then, they're done. Michigan will be joining them in the NIT.. where a Tommy Amaker team apparently belongs.

Big win for VCU at Drexel.. but the Dragons were without their best player. Frank Elegar was suspended by the CAA for that one game. The Dragons were up at half.. and who knows what would have happened if he played. I'm not sold on VCU yet.. and I wouldn't give up on Drexel either.

Xavier will be a tough out in the NCAA Tournament (and they will make it). Who is Johnny Wolf by the way? I think he's the best 10 mpg on a mid-major player in the country.. He doesnt get much play in crunchtime.. but on the season, Xavier's backup point guard has 48 assists to just 8 turnovers. That's a money 6 to 1 ratio.. he also shoots 50% from the floor and 48% from three.. let the kid play!

UNC-Zona game was wacky, but a downer. First Wright and Ginyard get sick so figure the Cats have the advantage. Then Budinger gets in foul trouble, misses the whole first half, and Marcus Williams sprains his ankle, so you figure the Heels have the advantage. But then Hansbrough's doing nothing so you figure it should be in Zona's favor. In the end, basically none of it mattered because UNC just spanked Lute's boys. Worst decision of the game though is Lute Olson putting Williams back into the game in the 2nd half. Down 16, with however much time there was left, you put a kid back in who could barely walk. A) You're going to lose anyways. Just admit it. B) Sprained ankles hurt.. and they hurt for a few days. It was only going to hurt more and swell up more as the day went on. Putting pressure on it like that made no sense.

Why was UWGB at UWM on tv? Worse though.. why was WMU at Akron on? I'm all for giving exposure to the other conferences, but lets schedule some meaningful games..

Alabama should drop out of the Top 25. Tide are 2-4 in conference play and have one win against a currently ranked team. But since LSU lost again, they probably wont be ranked either.

Nothing like following up wins against #5 Kansas and #6 Texas A&M by losing to.. Missouri? Texas Tech lost to a Mizzou team that was 1-4 in the Big 12, had won 1 of 5 games, and lost their previous two home games. A win and the Raiders would have been Top 25..

Give Kansas State a lot of credit for bouncing back since Bill Walker got hurt. The Cats bounced back from 3 losses to start January by reeling off 5 wins in a row. None have been against upper echelon teams.. but with Missouri coming to town next, Huggins team should end up being 16-6 and in the tourney picture surprisingly enough.

UNI's loss at Drake makes it look like it will be a two man race atop the MVC. SIU and Creighton both won and are 8-3 in league play. Also, don't completely count out Wichita State from tourney consideration. The Shockers finally won a league road game.. and if they can somehow beat UNI on the road (doubtful since they lost to UNI at home earlier) to get back to 6-6 in league play.. then the rest of their schedule sets up well for another winning streak.

Wow did Ohio State come close to blowing what seemed like an easy win against Michigan State. Oden came out rolling with the Spartans refusing to double in the first few minutes.. once they took his post game out of the way.. it came down to Neitzel finally getting hot in the 2nd half. He scored 24 after the break.. but why does it seem like he always plays twice as good in round two?

Either way.. Neitzel's now averaging 19 ppg and 5 apg. Oden's more talented.. and Tucker's on a better team.. but no one in the Big Ten is more valuable to his team's success than Neitzel? In fact, if there was a national MVP award.. he might just be the guy. Either way, he deserves more respect in the National Player of the Year discussions..

Florida's good. Real good.