Daily Dribble: Top 10 Players in the CUSA

November 9th, 2007

Continuing with the best players in the high-major conferences, I move on to the CUSA. There was a danger of this becoming simply a copy of Memphis' roster, but there are underrated players scattered across the league.

Conference USA

1. Chris Douglas-Roberts, G, Memphis
2. Derrick Rose, G, Memphis
3. Rob McKiver, G, Houston
4. Jeremy Wise, G, Southern Miss
5. Robert Vaden, F, UAB
6. Joey Dorsey, F, Memphis
7. Stefon Jackson, F, UTEP
8. Robert Dozier, F, Memphis
9. Paul Delaney, G, UAB
10. David Gomez, F, Tulane

Next In Line
Antonio Anderson, G, Memphis
Dion Dowell, G/F, Houston
Rod Earls, G, Tulsa
Markel Humphrey, G, Marshall
Willie Kemp, G, Memphis
Lanny Smith, G, Houston

Check back over the weekend for the Top 10 players in the MVC.