Daily Dribble: Top 10 Players in the MVC

November 13th, 2007

The MVC's hopes of getting multiple teams into the NCAA Tournament are slimmer than they've been in recent years. Yet the talent level isn't too bad, comparable to other 2nd tier leagues like the CAA and WAC. The only real void is the lack of true go-to scoring star like they've had in Jamaal Tatum or Nate Funk. If his first game is any indication however, perhaps Creighton freshman P'Allen Stinnett will be that guy. Another guy off to a great start is Drake's Jonathan Cox, a 6-8 junior averaging 15 and 10 after two games.

MVC Top 10

1. Randal Falker, F, SIU
2. Daniel Ruffin, G, Bradley
3. Eric Coleman, F, UNI
4. Matt Shaw, F, SIU
5. Deven Mitchell, F, Missouri State
6. PJ Couisnard, G/F, Wichita State
7. Jeremy Crouch, G, Bradley
8. Bryan Mullins, G, SIU
9. Boo Richardson, G, Illinois State
10. Dane Watts, F, Creighton

Next In Line

Osiris Eldridge, G, Illinois State
Jason Holsinger, G, Evansville
P'Allen Stinnett, G, Creighton
Jay Tunnell, C, Indiana State
Josh Young, G, Drake