Daily Dribble: Top 25 Rundown

December 24th, 2006

Taking a bit of a breather during the holiday weekend.. an unfortunate time considering all the college basketball action the past few days. Too many games too write about.. so instead I decided that I'll simply make a short comment about the state of the Top 25 teams in our Top 50 Power Ranking.

1.UCLA - Deserves #1 record based on peformance.. but do they have the best chance to win it all? Probably not.. 2. UNC - Haven't played a meaningful minute of basketball in two weeks since UK.. 3. Florida - Made Ohio State look like a JV team.. 4. Arizona - Enter Pac-10 play having won 9 straight and improving by the day.. 5. Wisconsin - If they voted today, Alando Tucker would be Player of the Year..

6. Ohio State - Doesn't deserve this ranking.. but none of the teams below have played at UNC and Florida.. 7. Duke - Coach K continues to impress me.. but this team has so many flaws. 8. Alabama - Nice record, but best win of season.. at NC State? Overrated.. 9. Washington - Finally got good win against LSU.. but for the love of god, leave the state.. 10. Oklahoma State - Lost to Tennesee.. but wins over Pitt, Cuse, and Mo State are more than teams 4 through 9 can say..

11. Pittsburgh - 2 losses actually surprised me in how close they were.. this team can play.. 12. Texas A&M - Yet to beat a Top 50 team this season.. 13. Connecticut - Same as Texas A&M, minus the losses against Top 20 teams.. this team will tumble in conference play.. 14. Kansas - Can beat or lose to anyone on any given day.. 15. Wichita State - Losses to USC and UNM hurt.. but wins at LSU and Cuse still worth something..

16. Butler - Will be interesting to see how voters deal with inevitable losses in conference play.. 17. Notre Dame - Behind Butler, the most surprising team in the Top 25.. 18. Oregon - Still haven't loss.. but still haven't won my respect.. destined for a 1st Round loss.. 19. Tennessee - Wins over Ok State, Memphis, and Texas vault Vols into Top 25.. But this is still a one man team.. 20. Memphis - Won't play a decent team again until Gonzaga in mid-February..

21. Air Force - Don't blame you for not buying this team.. but Falcons are blowing by teams left and right this year.. 22. Texas - Won't be in polls.. but will be in Sweet 16 when it counts.. 23. LSU - I don't care about 3 losses.. a team with Glen Davis can still beat any team in the country.. 24. Clemson - Like UCONN, played a joke schedule and will fall to Earth in conference schedule.. 25. Marquette - Good team, but probably overrated in polls merely because of Duke bias..

Out of these Top 25, who do I think won't be in it come season's end? Oregon, Clemson, Marquette will be replaced by Nevada, Gonzaga, and Michigan State. I could see UCONN sliding all the way out and be replaced by Villanova as well..