Daily Dribble: Tuesday Report Card

January 22nd, 2008

The Report Card


A new series, the Daily Report Card tells you all you need to know about the day in college hoops. From good to bad and bad to worse, I'll be laying down the law.


A - DJ Augustin

Texas hasn't been playing their best ball of late, and if it wasn't for Augustin, they'd be on a 3-game losing streak. AJ Abrams has been throwing up bricks recently, but Augustin continues to come up clutch on the offensive end. He scored 26 last night, getting to the hole with ease, and occasionally knocking down a long-range bomb.


B - Saint Mary's

The Gaels continue to win games and are hanging around the periphery of the Top 25. They don't face Gonzaga for another couple weeks, so there's a good chance the wins will keep on coming. With that said, their three WCC wins have come at home, and trips to San Francisco are no walkovers. Unfortunately for SMC, one loss in these games will knock them out of the polls.


C - Davidson

The Wildcats are quietly 9-0 in Southern Conference play. Stephen Curry's scoring in bunches, Jason Richards is doing his thing handling the ball.. and another tournament bid is in sight. However, they still failed to win a decent non-conference game this year, so they won't rise above a C grade unless they beat someone good in postseason play.


D - Me

I'll give myself a low grade for not having much time to write today, and getting a shortened report card up late in the afternoon.


F - Scott Sutton

I'm not giving this grade because of his coaching. The Cowboys gave a good effort against Texas last night, and the program has a decent future. I give Sutton an F because he scares the hell out of me.. and I find him hard to look at.  Every time you look over on the sideline, Sutton looks like he's on the verge of either a) a nervous breakdown or b) death.


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