Daily Dribble: Tuesday Report Card

February 5th, 2008

The Report Card


A new series, the Daily Report Card tells you all you need to know about the day in college hoops. From good to bad and bad to worse, I'll be laying down the law.


A - Bob Knight

I'm usually pretty harsh towards Knight.. I came along when his greatest glory was behind him, and basically see him as a caricature of himself.  Now that he's leaving, he gets an A though for winning 902 games, which is just a ridiculous number.


B - Todd Golden

The Saint Mary's senior made all six of the threes he attempted in a huge OT win over conference-rival Gonzaga. He finished with 19 points, almost 50% better than his previous high of 11. What I like most about Golden though is that his shot is pretty ugly.. basically a lefty heave from his hip. That gives me hope that I can improve my shooting as well.


C - Villanova

It's amazing how fast their season has collapsed. Once a potential tourney team at 13-3.. the Wildcats are now reeling after their latest debacle against streaking Saint Joseph's. They've lost 5 straight games, and each one was by 10 points or more. 13-8 is not going to get it done, especially with a poor 3-6 Big East record.  Making things worse, with the exception of a late home game against South Florida, there are no gimmees left on the schedule. Even the NIT seems like wishful thinking at this point..


D - Lighting at Saint Mary's

Did anyone watching SMC vs Gonzaga notice how dark the court/screen looked? Did some of the lights not work?


F - Josh Heytvelt

You can make lots of excuses for Heytvelt's lack of contribution in recent weeks.. suspensions, injuries, etc.. but the simple fact of the matter is that he's playing his way down the NBA Draft board, and at times out of Gonzaga's rotation. Last night's line against SMC was a new low, as he finished with 2 points on 1-4 shooting in 19 minutes. Worse than the numbers was how Mark Few was basically trying his hardest not to play Heytvelt down the stretch, preferring both of Kuso and Pendergraft before they fouled out. Even worse than that, he guy just doesn't look right.. his face is gaunt, and his body lacks strength and bulk.


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