Daily Dribble: Weekend Review in 20

December 3rd, 2007
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Since I slept a bit late Sunday.. here's a full Monday rundown.. in a whopping 20 bullet-points. That's right, 33% more bullet-pointed goodness.

1a. Texas beat #1 UCLA and is 7-0.

1b. I took a lot of heat for putting Texas Top 10 in my preseason rankings, so I do feel a bit of vindication. There, I said it.


2. Lorenzo Mata-Real seems a lot cooler now that Real is tacked on at the end.

3. Big win for Arizona over #9 Texas A&M Sunday evening. But its hard to tell how good this win will look come March. A&M's been better than I thought, starting with 7 wins in a row. But with Washington & Ohio State a mediocre 4-3, and Alabama having lost to Belmont, A&M's wins don't look quite so good anymore.

4. For the Wildcats, its good that Jerryd Bayless is willing to be the man.. because I don't think Chase Budinger ever will be that guy.

5. If Bayless is becoming the man, than OJ Mayo certainly think he's the man already. Mayo's 6-21 shooting in a loss to KU isn't the worst thing in the world (though he did take some BAD threes in the final 10 minutes), what worries you is the assist to turnover ratio. In the last 3 games: 3 assists to 14 turnovers. Ouch.

6. Watching KU/USC, I was constantly reminded how much I dislike Marques Johnson as an announcer. I'll leave it at that.

7. Compared to the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, the Big 12/Pac-10 Series has been a Godsend.  These were some big time games. Its also a good reminder that not all good games are necessarily on ESPN.


8. Miami's 7-0 after blowing away St. John's on Sunday.. and I've admittedly been slow to jump on the bandwagon. But I'm here to say.. I'm still a couple weeks away from jumping on board.


9.  Another unbeaten team building a bandwagon is Saint Mary's who beat Seton Hall by 15 on Saturday.  The Gaels are solid as was shown by the win over then #11 Oregon, but honestly, a home win over Seton Hall is as good as beating a Lehigh on the road.  (And there's no importance to why I mentioned Lehigh as opposed to any other school ranked about 200 to 300th in the country).


10.  Based on the above bullet, I clearly don't have much respect for Seton Hall's 6-1 record. But I am a believer in West Virginia's 5-1 start. The Mountaineers easily beat Winthrop over the weekend, and still have the lone 2 point loss to Tennessee. WVU has some interesting games coming up, at Auburn, then home vs 6-1 Duquesne, and 6-1 UMBC. None of those games seem huge, but all could be decent RPI wins later on.

11. SIU looked pretty bad on Saturday, losing to Indiana by 15 at home. Saluki fans moan about the unwillingness of BCS teams to come play in Carbondale.. well, you got your crack at #15.. and you got cracked.


12. Also in the Valley, Drake is quietly off to a solid 5-1 start, with the lone loss being at aforementioned Saint Mary's. Big game for the Bulldogs coming up against in-state rival Iowa State this week.


13. Finally, it should be mentioned that although the Valley does seem to be very blah this year.. there they are with the 5th best RPI right now, ahead of the Big Ten and SEC.


14.  Pittsburgh is 7-0 after beating Toledo on Saturday. The Rockets were actually up 21-14 early on.. before the Panthers turned it on and outscored them 64-31 the rest of the way. Really though, the 7 games they've won have basically been practice. We'll finally find out how good Pitt is now that they have a challenging 5 game stretch including games at Dayton, Washington, and Duquesne, and home against Duke and Oklahoma State (see next).


15.  Following the trip to Maui, Oklahoma State took some time off before finally playing again this weekend against Washington. The Cowboys destroyed em, thanks to another solid performance from James Anderson.  He scored 22 points on just 9 field goal attempts.

16. I mentioned this on the message board, but Fordham's 3-4 start is very disappointing. The Rams returned name seniors like Dunston and Stout and have now lost back to back home games to the likes of Charleston and Robert Morris.


17. Davidson of course fell by 6 to Duke early Saturday, another close loss. Going back the message board again, good points were brought up that its about time the Wildcats win one of these close games. For all the pub they've gotten, they haven't beaten a Top 100 team this year or last.


18. The highest RPI team in the Southern (yes, I know the RPI is pretty useless right now, but still..) is actually 6-1 Georgia Southern. They get a crack at Florida on a somewhat neutral court in Jacksonville this week.


19. Michael Bramos had been a tear before Louisville shut him down, helping the Cardinals squeak out a 47-44 win. Coming off monster games of 36 and 30, Bramos had a 2 for 9, 5 point dud. Miami's 3 losses this year are by a combined 8 points to USC, Dayton, and Louisville.

20. Another guy with a dud game was Gonzaga's Austin Daye. The freshman had the worst game of his young career.. but all was not lost despite going 0-3 from the floor in limited minutes. He did hit 5 clutch free throws down the stretch as the Bulldogs beat UCONN 85-82.. in what was basically a road game in Boston.

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