An explanation for one biased fan (and anyone else out there with the same viewpoint)

February 5th, 2008
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Well, needless to say this week's NYC Metro Ranking and Report has opened some eyes. More specifically one set, a gentleman who does not think that Seton Hall should have dropped from first to second in the poll. No need to worry about the fact that they went 1-1 while Rider, this week's number one, won two games against chief competitors for the MAAC crown. On the road no less, but to this individual this doesn't matter because they don't play in a "showcase conference".

Can someone explain this logic to me? What happens in the national poll every week? You lose, you drop. Plain and simple. Your conference affiliation has nothing (or at least shouldn't) to do with the ranking of teams. If so, then I'd just rank Seton Hall, Rutgers and St. John's 1-2-3 every single week. Now would that be fair? No. More importantly, would that be intelligent? Definitely not.

The main premise for this man's argument: Seton Hall, who plays in the Big East, beat Rider in a closed-door scrimmage before the season began. How about this: since Grand Valley State beat Michigan State in an exhibition, they are far and away better than the Spartans. Yeah, good reasoning right there. Look, I know full well what the numbers are in terms of the RPI (SHU 45, Rider 105) and strength of schedule (SHU 41, Rider 270). But what happened over the last week? Seton Hall beat a mediocre Rutgers team in overtime and lost at Georgetown. Rider won on the road at both Marist and Siena. To quote Herm Edwards, "Hello?!!".

Maybe it's just me in this world of college basketball who doesn't give out brownie points for losing to a ranked team by twelve. But for some strange reason I seriously doubt that. But here's what's going to happen if Seton Hall wins both games this week and Rider happens to lose my inbox will be filled with "Johnny Come Latelys" and this gentleman looking to type the words "I told you so" without taking the time to understand what exactly was written.

Here is the exact statement:

"No disrespect to the fans who decided to spark the “We Own Jersey” chant at the end of the Seton Hall/ Rutgers game Thursday night, but this may be the Garden State’s best team right now."

Key words: RIGHT NOW. Nowhere in this statement does it mention the scrimmage, early season games, what conference they play in, or any other numbers (most notably a recent five-game win streak that included one good win against a team that no one has been able to figure out for nearly two years (Louisville), one against an early surprise...yet mediocre Cincinnati, one against a candidate for the most disappointing team in the Northeast (Providence), and two wins against teams under .500 (Rutgers, USF)) that could be trotted out for the sake of one's argument.

Am I mad? No. I'm just glad people took the time to read the article. I just wish they took as much time to comprehend it.

Next up: National Signing Day! Good night.