My three keys to Georgetown/Ohio State

March 31st, 2007
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Just a couple of minutes before Game One tips off, and here are my three keys to the game between the Hoyas and Buckeyes.

1. Defending Jeff Green. Ohio State will give this job at the start of the game to Ivan Harris, but this is no one-man job. Do we see a Ron Lewis slide over at some point, or an Othella Hunter or Matt Terwilliger come off the bench in attempts to slow down the Big East Player of the Year? Whoever gets the call throughtout the game needs to step up.

2. How Georgetown defends the three. All the talk has been about Hibbert and Oden, but the Buckeyes are one of the most prolific shooting teams in the nation. Not to mention the fact that they played in a dome last weekend, which could do some good when it comes to adjusting to the deeper backdrop. If the Hoyas don't get it done in this area, they go home. Plain and simple.

3. Hibbert vs. Oden in regards to foul trouble. How the officials call this one as well as how the two giants adjust will tell the tale of who gets the upper hand inside. Also, looks for the Buckeyes to play a good amount of zone to prevent foul trouble issues for Oden, as well as defending the backdoor cuts.

Enjoy the game, Georgetown is up 2-0 thanks to a Hibbert bucket.