Wednesday Report Card: Enough About Clemens

February 13th, 2008

The Report Card


A - Mike Green

For whatever reason, you tend to hear more about the scoring and shooting prowess of AJ Graves. And freshman Matt Howard has gotten some pub for being an impressive up and coming big man. Yet the man who leads Butler in points, rebounds, and assists is Mike Green. Night in and night out, Green is the Bulldogs most consistent performer, and he made a run at a triple-double last night with 24 points, 13 boards (a new high), and 8 assists. Even though Graves was off (which has happened a lot this season), and Howard was a non-factor, Green was the man as usual.. scoring 10 points in OT to lead his team past a pesky UWM squad.  And he did all that with an ankle that wasn't even close to 100%.


B - Demetri McCamey

Last week, McCamey almost beat Indiana by himself, going off for 31 points, 13 above his previous best. He followed that up with 11 assists and 8 boards, both new highs, against Minnesota. In what has been a brutal season for Illinois.. full of mediocre performances by mediocre upper-classmen, at least McCamey provides a dash of hope for the future.


C - Seton Hall

For a brief moment a couple weeks back, Seton Hall looked like they were going to make a run at a Tournament bid. Their fans got a bit overexciting, emailing about how they should be in the Top 50, going on message boards posting about Pirate greatness.. and then bam, they lose 4 straight to drop into a 10th place tie with DePaul. The Hall definitely have some wins left in them, but what the fans didn't take into account was how they might have the easiest schedule in the whole league. Conference leaders Georgetown, Notre Dame, Louisville, and UCONN are all on the schedule just once.. while they meet bottom-feeders Rutgers and USF twice. So even if the Hall get back to .500 in Big East play, don't be fooled by wins over such lowly teams.


D - Roger Clemens

I'm sick and tired of hearing about Clemens and steroids and HGH and his wife's buttocks. This should be the time of year where the national media turns their attention to college hoops, but instead Clemens and his lame claims for justice are usurping the air waves. Here's my advice for Clemens: Admit you're on roids, move on, and no one will care one way or the other.


F - Ed Donato

Okay, this is a day late (had no time for a Dribble yesterday).. and I've heard other legitimate commentators actually suggest otherwise, but Donato's call at the end of the G'Town/Nova game was just flat out horrible. Do I think Nova would have won in OT or that the call will impact their season in the slightest? No.. but that was a joke.  (The decisions at the end of the Rutgers/Tennessee game were even worse.)


The Daily Report Card tells you all you need to know about the day in college hoops. From good to bad and bad to worse, I'll be laying down the law.


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