Bracket Tactics: Friday's Tip of the Day

March 14th, 2008
Leading up to the 2008 NCAA Tournament, we'll be presenting daily tips to help you fill in your bracket. 


Today's Bracket Tactic


FACT: 20 of the past 23 titles have been won by teams who score 77+ PPG and have a scoring margin of 10+ PPG

BRACKET TIP: Pick one of Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, Kansas St, Memphis, Notre Dame, Tennessee*, or North Carolina to win it all this year


*Note that we told you not to pick Tennessee based on yesterday's tip.. so they only get half a thumbs up!



Today's tip from the editor: Don't overdo it with Cinderella runs to the Final Four. For every George Mason.. there's 50 Top 3 seeds that make the Final Four.  To win your pool, you'll need to nail the Final Four.. so keep your crazy picks to the first couple of rounds. It might seem boring, but focus on the prize!


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