Bracketology Leaderboard: CHN Tops National Experts!

March 17th, 2008 Dominates Bracketology Leaderboard


From big names like ESPN's Joe Lunardi and Gary Parrish of CBS to small mom and pop blogs, dozens of sites feature so-called "Bracketology" experts. But according to the ranking of 53 leading experts by The Bracket Project, no one fared better than CHN experts Shawn Siegel & Jeff Borzello.


The Bracket Project compiles every expert's projections in their Bracket Matrix and then ranks them according to various criteria. According to the 2 most prevalent scoring rubrics, both Siegel and Borzello were in the Top 3 of all 53 national experts.


Siegel, who makes his Daily Bracketology selections at CHN, excelled by picking all 65 tournament teams.. just one of 4 experts in the country to do so (including Joe Lunardi of ESPN, and the guys at Bracketology3 & BracketDobber.)


Meanwhile, Jeff Borzello, who runs the March Madness All Season blog on CHN, led the entire country by nailing 41 of the 65 teams at exactly the right seed. This surpassed Bracketology 101's 40 correct seeds, and Siegel's 37. (Lunardi only had 29 right, while Parrish had 33)


In the all important, teams projected within one of their actual seed, Siegel & Borzello tied with 59 teams within one spot, just one of the leaders who had 60.


Finally, according to the two overall scoring rubricks (one preferred by Parrish on CBS and the other Paymon method), Borzello's bracket was the best in the country.  He tied for the lead in the Parrish method (with Bracketology 101), while leading the Paymon method. Siegel finished 3rd in both methods.. not quite up to Borzello's lofty dominance, but still an impressive performance.


Overall, it was an impressive performance by your friends at!




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