CBS Coverage Maps: Sweet Sixteen Friday

March 28th, 2008

One of the fun but also sometimes frustrating aspects of the NCAA Tournament is that CBS televises multiple games at once. This can lead to some exciting in-game looks at close exciting games, but it also means you might be missing the game you really want to see. CBS released their coverage maps of Friday's Sweet Sixteen action, and I've linked to the maps for each time-slot below.


Here's what important regions/cities will be seeing:


New York/Tri-State Area

7:10 - Davidson vs Wisconsin

9:40 - Villanova vs Kansas

- MSU/Memphis is the better game in the evening period.. but nothing is constant here


Los Angeles/Southern California

7:10 - Stanford vs Texas (swing)

9:40 - Villanova vs Kansas

- The "swing" notation means that CBS won't spend too much time covering Stephen Curry. LA always gets Kansas games..



7:10 - Davidson vs Wisconsin (swing)

9:40 - Michigan State vs Memphis

- Nothing too out of the ordinary here



7:10 - Davidson vs Wisconsin

9:40 - Villanova vs Kansas

- The entire northeast will be getting the same coverage


Washington DC

7:10 - Davidson vs Wisconsin

9:40 - Villanova vs Kansas

- Those in Northern Virginia, depending on how far south you are, will be given "swing" focus to the Davidson game.


Other Notes

- Amazing how important Stephen Curry is to CBS.. causing most of the country to miss an exciting 2/3 matchup.

- Odd that most of Tennessee outside of Memphis doesn't get "constant" coverage of MSU/Memphis, but those in the Bristol/Kingsport region of NE Tennessee and SW Virginia have it.

- Must be a lot of Badgers fans in South Dakota, as they will be getting "constant" coverage of Davidson/Wisconsin


CBS Regional Coverage Maps: Friday (from HD Sports Guide)


Window 1: 7:10 PM ET - Coverage Map
7:10 Davidson vs Wisconsin - 62%
7:27 Stanford vs Texas - 38%


Window 2: 9:40 PM ET - Coverage Map
9:40 Villanova vs Kansas - 60%
9:57 Michigan State vs Memphis - 40%


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