CBS Coverage Maps: Sweet Sixteen Thursday

March 26th, 2008

One of the fun but also sometimes frustrating aspects of the NCAA Tournament is that CBS televises multiple games at once. This can lead to some exciting in-game looks at close exciting games, but it also means you might be missing the game you really want to see. CBS released their coverage maps of Thursday's Sweet Sixteen action, and I've linked to the maps for each time-slot below.


Here's what important regions/cities will be seeing:


New York/Tri-State Area

7:40 - Washington St vs UNC

9:40 - Louisville vs Tennessee

- Nothing to exciting to note here. None of the games are "constant" here, meaning you'll be going back and forth to whatever's good.


Los Angeles/Southern California

7:40 - Washington St vs UNC (swing)

9:40 - WKU vs UCLA (constant)

- Main thing here is that even if UCLA is a horrible game, you'll be watching the whole thing



7:40 - Washington St vs UNC

9:40 - Louisville vs Tennessee

- Like everywhere else, no love for WVU/Xavier here.



7:40 - Washington St vs UNC

9:40 - Louisville vs Tennessee

- Pretty much the entire East Coast has this same schedule outside of small pockets.


Washington DC

7:40 - Washington St vs UNC

9:40 - Louisville vs Tennessee (swing)

- "Swing" for the latter game means that CBS is committed to showing the UL/Tenn game here more than the previous game, but it wont be 100% "constant" coverage.


Other Notes

- Even in western Kentucky, you won't be getting the Western Kentucky game.

- Western Pennsylvania's the only area east of the Mississippi to get the UCLA/WKU game.. I guess due to the Pitt/Howland relation??

- Outside of WV and Ohio, the WVU/Xavier game is being shown in scattered odd regions. Mainly Central Connecticut, Syracuse, south Jersey, and west Tennessee.


CBS Regional Coverage Maps: Friday (from HD Sports Guide)


Window 1: 7:10 PM ET - Coverage Map
7:10 West Virginia vs Xavier - 13%
7:27 Washington State vs UNC - 87%


Window 2: 9:40 PM ET - Coverage Map
9:40 WKU vs UCLA - 20%
9:57 Louisville vs Tennessee -80%


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