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CHN Top 50 Ranking: Florida Still #1

February 18th, 2007
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CHN Top 50: February 11th

February 11th, 2007
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Daily Dribble: Biggest Surprises

February 10th, 2007

I was already thinking this morning about how this Sunday's Top 50 ranking would pan out after some of this past week's results. While looking at last week's ranking I was surprised at how low some of the current Top 50's were ranked in the preseason.. but also how similar a lot of the teams were as well.

What I decided to do was to compare all of our current Top 50 team's with their preseason ranking.. and also compare the preseason Top 50 with our current ranking. Then for kicks, I made some comparisons between the CHN Top 50 and the RPI and Sagarin ratings.

Teams Unranked in Preseason, Now Ranked

CHN Top 50: January 28th

January 28th, 2007
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CHN Top 50: January 21st

January 21st, 2007
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CHN Top 50: January 14th

January 14th, 2007
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CHN Top 50: January 8th

January 8th, 2007
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CHN Top 50 Power Ranking

January 1st, 2007
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