Daily Dribble: Bill Self & FC Barcelona

August 7th, 2008

Some quick college hoops thoughts for the afternoon before leaving for lunch..

Bill Self locked up a ten year, 30$ million contract yesterday. While this might appear to be an obscene amount of money, his agent probably could have done better. Tom Crean recently extended his IU contract to a ten year period.. which is probably worth something in the $22-24 million range. Crean has never even coached a game at Indiana, and doesn't have half the pedigree as Self.. nor is he coming off a National Championship game. While I wouldn't cry yourself to sleep worrying about Self.. he probably could have demanded more cash.

Last night I attended a soccer game between FC Barcelona and the New York Red Bulls of the MLS. As CHN isn't a bastion for soccer fans (though a couple of our writers are surprisingly big fans).. this is the equivalent of Duke taking on the women's team from Saint Mary's School for the Blind. The final 6-2 score line didn't really suggest how much better Barcelona (even without Messi) was than the Red Bulls (who are even bad by MLS standards).

People often ask MLS fans how they can be fans considering how low the quality is compared to the world's top leagues (England, Spain, etc, etc). This is the same question that college basketball fans might get when asked about the NBA, or D1 basketball vs D3, or women's ball vs. the mens.

I guess ultimately there's more to being a fan than simply watching skill and talent. There's something to be said for being loyal to whatever you happen to be associated with.. whether its your hometown team, your regional league, or your alma mater.

Lets face it, your spouse probably isn't the greatest person in the world.. but as the song goes, "Love the One Your With." Its no different than being a sports fan.. sure your team might not be the most talented, or even be in the most talented league.. but its your team, so stick with 'em!