Daily Dribble: Site Update.. and Random Thoughts

September 9th, 2008
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- I'm taking a break from the State of '08 series today.. but I'll be back with some interesting states in Illinois and Indiana coming up.

- Instead of the State of '08, I'm spending the afternoon putting together an updated 2009 NCAA Tournament Projection* (here's the last version) & NCAA & NIT brackets that keep track of how our Top 144 teams fit into a projected field.

- We're going to be featuring some football content throughout the season (if you need a break from non-stop basketball.. if that's even possible). Check out the new football page.  Most of the gridiron coverage will be by Raphielle Johnson. On a related note, we're taking a break from college hoops Cheerleaders of the Day, and posting some football girls for the next couple of weeks.

- Today's Michigan preview marks the mid-way point of the Top 144.  This means the first games are coming up in just about 2 months!

- I've been running out of interesting polls to put up each day.. if you have anything you'd like me to ask about, just let me know.

- Lastly, check the site soon for the annual preseason coach & player Q&A's. I'm getting them lined up as we speak.


* - The new tourney projection is online now.