Dee Bost, Mississippi St: Tournament Talk Q&A

March 18th, 2009's Jon Teitel  is in Philadelphia all week bringing you live coverage and interviews from one of the opening weekend's most intriguing venues.


NCAA Tournament Q&A


Dee Bost, Fr, G, Misssissppi Si

Q: You lost 5 of 6 games in February, then won 6 in a row in March: what caused the change?
A: We just came together as a team at the right time.

Q: How did you win 4 games in 4 days at the SEC tourney?
A: Just hard work. It was a hard title game against Tennessee, but it was great to make the NCAA tourney.

Q: How did you lead team with 10 rebounds vs. South Carolina in the SEC quarterfinals?
A: I just got in there and grabbed all the rebounds I could.

Q: Do you think the SEC competition prepared you for the NCAA tourney?
A: It was a tough season, so I think so.

Q: What do you know about Washington?
A: I know they have a good point guard (Isaiah Thomas) and center (Jon Brockman).

Q: Why did you choose to go to Mississippi State?
A: They said I could get a lot of playing time as a freshman, and I have.

Q: Was it hard to lead the team as a freshman point guard, especially after losing 3 starters from last year?
A: I just had to learn my role and figure out what I needed to do.

Q: Why do you like playing for Coach Stansbury?
A: He knows what he’s doing, and he is not too hard on us about running specific sets.

Q: Do you think your team is built to win now, or are you 1 year away?
A: We want to win right now.

Q: You won a high school state football title: are you a better quarter back or point guard?
A: (After a long pause) Point guard.

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