Final Four: CHN Writer Predictions

March 16th, 2008

Need help picking the Final Four? CHN writers give their predictions below and we try and come up with some semblance of a consensus. The only real consistent choice is that they all love UCLA. See how these picks compare to CHN's Official Prediction.


Writer Brubaker Carpentier Fox Johnson
Champ UCLA UCLA UCLA Memphis
Finalist Kansas Tenn UNC UNC
Final 4 Memphis Texas Memphis G'Town
  UNC USC Kansas Xavier



Writer Teitel Tomassini Wesler White
Finalist UNC LVille UCLA UNC
Final 4 Texas Stanford Stanford Stanford
  Wisconsin Kansas G'Town G'Town


Writer Consensus

Champion: UCLA (6 of 8)

Runner Up: UNC (4 of 8)


Final Four

East: UNC (6 of 8)

Midwest: Georgetown/Kansas (3 of 8 each)

West: UCLA (7 of 8)

South: Memphis/Stanford (3 of 8 each)