Finally, We Have Four

March 30th, 2008
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After 2 weeks of Madness, we now have what teams have been shooting for all season long: a trip to the Final Four. Today, sadly Texas got demolished. My hopes increased somewhat when Texas made a run early in the second half, but Memphis proved too strong. Was picking Texas misguided on my part? Probably...but...I'm not sure I'd do it differently. Memphis vs. UCLA should be very interesting. Kansas? They had a tougher game than anyone would have expected, and hung on.

Of course there was significant history made this weekend: Four #1 seeds made it into the Final Four for the first time. Kudos to those who picked it right, as easy and bland as it seemed, it was finally correct this year.

How about my picks?

43-17, 3 teams in the Final Four. I still have my champion in UCLA alive. Not a bad tournament; I could never pick four #1 seeds-there's always an upset, right? If I could do one thing over, it would be picking UNC in the final instead of Kansas. UNC could win this whole damn thing, they have looked so good. I'll weigh in on this at week's end.

Even those on the campaign trail are into (sort of) their brackets. Check this out:

So Obama, I want to know: You're in Latrobe, Pa. You're drinking Yuengling? Okay, Rolling Rock was sold and is no longer a Pennsylvania beer (technically). I love Yuengling, but you couldn't drink Iron City??? I wonder if this will be an issue to the voters of Pennsylvania