GameNight: Duke vs Villanova (Matchup Comparison)

March 26th, 2009
Mar 26 2009 - 10:07pm

CBS saves what is perhaps the night's best and most evenly matched game for last (10:05 start). Both teams have similar guard heavy rosters and lineups, can push the tempo if needed, and start without a true center on the floor.  As you'll see, both teams have thin benches, though Villanova has a clear edge off the pine.  As I see it, Scheyer and Henderson are the key performers for Duke, the pair will need to combine for 40+ as Singler & Cunningham play to a stand-still.


Hopefully you stay up late and enjoy the action, especially with Bill Raftery providing his usual funny color.



#2 Duke


#3 Villanova




Elliot Williams

A revelation at first. Inconsistent since.




Scottie Reynolds

In a mini-slump, but capable of taking over.


Jon Scheyer

Underrated player. Can even play point.



Reggie Reading

Solid defender and glue guy.

Gerald Henderson

Rising star needs to bring A game.



Dwayne Anderson

Underlooked player. Rebounds well and can heat up from three.

Lance Thomas

Just asked to rebound and defend.



Shane Clark

Solid player who has never lived up to potential. Will lose time to Pena.

Kyle Singler

Highly versatile. Hits 40% from downtown.



Dante Cunningham

Rock solid forward capable of 20 and 10.



Nothing wrong at all with these backups. Still not as good as Fisher though.


Corey Fisher

Basically gets starter minutes. Offensive spark.

David McClure

Can D-up and rebound. Useless on O.



Corey Stokes

Will average 15 ppg next year.


Brian Zoubek

Makes an impact once every 2 weeks.


Antonio Pena

Minutes have shrunk, but a capable reserve.