GameNight: UNC vs Oklahoma

March 29th, 2009
Mar 29 2009 - 5:05pm

Oklahoma had little problems with Syracuse, but a lot of that had to do with the surprising effort of Tony Crocker. Crocker had 28 points, including 6-11 of shooting from three.. in the previous 5 games, he had only 21 points combined. Against a batter Tar Heels squad, Oklahoma will need a similar hot-shooter to emerge from the perimeter.


Matchup Comparison


#1 North Carolina


#2 Oklahoma




Ty Lawson

Seems to be 100% healthy now, has 15 assists to just 1 TO in the tournament.




Austin Johnson

After sluggish start to season, has been playing better.



Wayne Ellington

Finally playing like a star. How he fares against Warren could be the difference.



Willie Warren

2nd leading scorer hits threes or layups, not much in between. Can't afford another weak effort like against the Cuse.

Danny Green

Underrated player defends and can knock in threes.



Tony Crocker

Broke out of a month-long slump against Syracuse (28 pts), can he do it again?


Tyler Hansbrough

Most effective when he's getting into the lane and getting to the line.



Blake Griffin

Best player in the country. Puts up 30 like its no big deal.

Deon Thompson

Leveled off as season went on, and is prone to disappearing. Losing time to Davis recently.



Taylor Griffin

Solid role player can board and mix it up on defense. Much more consistent than Thompson.



Bobby Frasor/Larry Drew

Frasor somehow gotten worse throughout career. Drew is a solid passer who rarely scores.


Omar Leary

Puts in 10-15 minutes each night.





Decent contributors have been seeing less minutes in Big Dance, but netter than NA..


Ed Davis/Tyler Zeller

Both of these guys are A-level future stars. Davis will be asked at times to help on Griffin.



Don't expect to see them in crunch time.

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