Games of the Night: Tennessee at Florida

March 5th, 2008

A companion to our daily Three Stars of the Day, we present the top three Games of the Night.


#4 Tennessee (26-3) at Florida (21-8)

9:00 PM

Is Florida a Tournament lock? Not yet. With an RPI of 60 and a weak 1-6 record against Top 50 teams.. the Gators respect is based on previous year's performances.  A loss tonight and then at UK to close the regular season.. and they could end up .500 in SEC play. Even at home UF has been vulnerable, losing to teams like LSU and MSU.  Tennessee is the pick tonight as the Vols look to solidify a #1 seed in the Tournament.

Prediction: Tennessee


#25 Mississippi State (20-8) at #16 Vanderbilt (24-5)

8:00 PM

Another good game that's unfortunately not on national cable. After a mediocre non-conference record, MSU is 11-3 in SEC play, just a game behind Tennessee. One way to look at the record is that their really clicking, another perspective is that the SEC is rather mediocre this year. It's probably a little bit of both.. but Vandy just doesn't lose at home.

Prediction: Vanderbilt


Texas A&M (21-8) at Baylor (20-8)

9:00 PM ESPN2

It's unfortunate that this game is on ESPN instead of the Tennessee game. A&M is one of the most boring teams to watch in all of college basketball.. and I'll probably tune in to American Idol instead. The Aggies have lost 4 of 5, and got embarrassed last time out against Oklahoma. Baylor's been playing a little bit better of late and Scott Drew's boys are on their way to the tournament for the first time. Baylor's only favored by 2 points.. which I don't get in the slightest unless there's an injury I'm not aware of?

Prediction: Baylor


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