Generation X

March 27th, 2008

No...not the Billy Idol band from way back..and not...Xavier McDaniel...not Degeneration X. The Muskateers from Xavier gutted out a tough one tonight...finally eliminating the Couch Burners from the Dance. I missed most of the game due to work, but because of the beauty of CBS online, I got to glance at pieces of the end.

Is it just me, or is the NCAA becoming a lot like the NBA? I mean, teams are blowing big time leads in their games (Xavier blew an 18 point lead, Georgetown a 17 point lead and others...). It goes to show, you better show up and play 40 minutes (and make your free throws).

Jared's X Factor?? For regular readers of this blog, I've been mentioning Xavier as an Elite Eight candidate for weeks. Now that I'm actually right about something.....

Could UNC make the Final Four?? They look so much better than I thought they would. Whoever they play Saturday...look out!

Other musings:

-As a lot of my peeps know, I HATE Shaq, the most over-rated piece of Crap in team sports today. Now him and Pat Riley are feuding. Maybe (I hate to say this) Kobe was right.

-What to make of Jose Canseco? Should his book (due out April 1st) be taken seriously this time? Given what's happened in baseball....

-I hear ESPN Gameday will be present at Florida's spring football game. Who does Lee Corso put on his head: Steve Spurrier or Urban Meyer?

-Wow....UCLA is just killing Western Kentucky. I still stand by my prediction of UCLA winning it all.

-Why are the Dallas Cowboys pursuing Pacman?? Is Michael Irvin going to counsel him??'s another day for a White Wedding.....