Georgia Tech's Clinch Benched Due to Poor Grades

November 10th, 2008

The Story: Georgia Tech guard Lewis Clinch will miss at least the first seven games of the season because of poor grades.  Coach Paul Hewitt announced that Clinch will return to the team after the fall semester, which ends December 12, if he can regain his eligibility. Clinch averaged 23.5 minutes per game last year and started 14 of 32 games for the Yellow Jackets. Georgia Tech has already lost team captain D'Andre Bell this year to season ending surgery to correct a spinal condition. Lance Storrs, a sophomore, will most likely see his role expanded due to Clinch's ineligibility.


Ryter's Block: Losing two key players on any team is a hard thing to bounce back from. Clinch will miss two early tests, both at home, for Georgia Tech against Penn St. (12/3) and Vanderbilt (12/6). He will be back, if granted eligibility, for the start of conference play. Hopefully for the Yellow Jackets he can come in right away and make a difference. Basketball teams are more in-sync and play better as the season goes on. Let's see if the first few games on the bench will have an effect on Clinch when he is reinstated.   


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