Humbling: CHN's Editor Laments His Horrible Picks..

March 21st, 2008

Humbling.. That's the best way to describe this year's tournament. Somewhere out there, some lucky fella is boasting about getting 30 first round games right.. who knows, maybe that fella is you. But for little ole me.. the only thing I can boast about is last year. 13 of 16 Sweet Sixteen picks wasn't bad in last year's Official CHN prediction.. I thought 7 of 8 Elite Eight teams was solid as well. Nailing the finals last year wasn't shocking, but it was still correct.

But this year the castle of self-confidence is crumbling around me. Do I really know nothing about college basketball?

Temple. Was I serious? The Owls looked lost against MSU, like they were just in a practice walk-through for the real thing..

St. Joseph's. Pat Calathes fell asleep in the A10 title game, but I figured he would wake up a week later. I guess I was wrong.

Winthrop. For a half this looked smart.. until the Eagles scored 11 points in the second half. 11. Seriously.

Kent State. Jeez. And I thought Winthrop's 11 point half was bad. The MAC champs put up a 10 spot.

USC. Don't get me started here. Sure, they could beat Wisconsin in the 2nd round.. if they didn't get killed in the first round.

BYU. More like Bye Bye U.. See you next year.

Gonzaga. Ugh. How many more years will it take before this team stops choking away leads in the 2nd half.

Saint Mary's. Christ. How did the WCC get three teams in? The Gaels were up 5 at half.. until Jack McClinton beat them, by himself.

Oregon. They couldn't even beat Saint Mary's. That should have been a sign. I thought the A10 had a bad showing, but how bout the Pac-10.. Oregon, Arizona, USC bowing out early. I guess there is no East Coast bias after all.

Vanderbilt. Everybody on the CHN Message Board said Siena would win, everybody. Maybe they should run this site.

Drake. How bout Adam Emmenecker gets over himself, stops doing interviews, and actually hits a shot (he was 0 for 10).

No doubt things will only get worse.. my grandma will win the family pool, my ex-girlfriend probably picked Siena, my nephew no doubt had Western Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen, the neighbor's pet knew that Temple was a fraud. Oh well.. at least fantasy baseball starts up soon, maybe I should run a baseball site..