Is Memphis a Legit 5th Ranked Team? Question of the Week

March 4th, 2009

Each week (except for last, apologies..) I pose a Question of the Week for you the reader to chew on (masticate if you prefer) and digest..


This Week's Question: Would Memphis Be in the Top 10 if they Were in a Power Conference?


The Memphis Tigers are currently ranked 3rd in the Coaches Poll and 5th in the AP. This is after all a name program led by a Hall of Fame coach, with a gaudy 26-3 record, coming off 20 straight wins. But when you really look at Memphis' schedule, and go inside the numbers, their Top 5 ranking looks a bit suspicious. They have one win over an RPI Top 25 team, Tennessee who has performed more like the 50th ranked team (they don't even have a single AP vote). Memphis also has a 3-1 record against teams ranked 26th-50th, with wins over Gonzaga and UAB twice. UAB is another good numbers squad, who has performed more like a 100th ranked team. They have a disgusting 2-9 record against Top 100 teams, so basically anybody even mildly decent can beat them.


In the end, Memphis has beaten a solid Gonzaga team on the road, barely beaten a half-decent Tennessee team.. and that's about it. The sum result is 1-2 against Top 25 teams, and 3-1 against teams ranked 26-50. BYU has the exact same 1-2, 3-1 split for example. LSU is 1-2, 2-1. ASU is 1-2, 5-1, Marquette is 2-4, 3-1. All of those teams have something similar in common, they're either outside of the Top 10, Top 20, or in BYU's case, unranked.


So the question is really two-fold, a) Would Memphis Be in the Top 10 if they played a legit power conference schedule, and b) Regardless, where should Memphis legitimately be ranked now?


Lets hear what you have to say.. Post your comments below!


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