Kansas vs UNC: Individual Player Comparison

April 4th, 2008

You might say that grading individual matchups is a waste of time.. that it's all about the "team".. and I say, you're probably right. But its still fun to compare individual talent.. so we begin with UNC's starting five vs Kansas.


  North Carolina   Kansas  
B+ Ty Lawson vs Mario Chalmers A-
  Lack of consistent three puts him behind Chalmers.  KU has athletes to hopefully keep up.   In a close game, Chalmers is perhaps only Jayhawk I trust to make a big play.  
B+ Wayne Ellington vs Russel Robinson C+
  UNC's X-factor. If he gets hot and scores 20+, the Tar Heels won't lose.   Disappeared vs Davidson, but needs to be key on D vs Lawson and others.  
C Marcus Ginyard vs Brandon Rush B+
  I used to think Ginyard was subpar.. but he's settled into a decent role player mode.   Can be counted on to score 15-16 points.. nothing more, nothing less.  
A Tyler Hansbrough vs Darnell Jackson B-
  Even on an off night, should be good for 20 & 10. Helps that KU's bigs don't do much on O.   Underrated contributor will be asked to rebound and hit a 10 foot jumper or two.  
B- Deon Thompson vs Darrell Arthur B
  Won't get full starters minutes. Needs to avoid fouls, but is an underrated offensive force.   Future pro is still waiting for his breakout NCAA game. No excuse for under 5 rpg.  


Final: Kansas 3 - UNC 2

This is why the Jayhawks are such a solid team.. they have no huge holes in their lineup. Still, this comparison shows why the exercise is rather futile.. Ginyard will be replaced by Green for big minutes, Rush will spend a lot of time on Ellington, while Hansbrough and Arthur will often be up against each other.


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