Kansas: The Wizard Of WOW!! (and Some Shining Moments)

April 7th, 2008
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Well.. I missed most of the game tonight (damn work got in the way!). I listened to a chunk of the last 8 minutes in the car on the radio. I about gave up when Memphis was up 9 and seemed poised. And yet... Did the missed free throws contribute? Of course. What about the point taken away from Memphis? Probably will be talked about. You have to admire the guts of the Jayhawks. Was it a Memphis choke or a Kansas rally? Yes. Choke may be too strong a term for Memphis; they just didn't finish. Too bad. Bill Sullivan-I laughed, because I didn't think you'd have a snowball's chance in hell to win the Nacha pool. You were right and I salute you! Congratulations to Kansas. John Calapari- You deserve a championship. Hopefully you get yours soon. An awesome way to end a super year! Not to steal from CBS, I have some Shining Moments of my own this year: -As a lot of people already know, I witnessed my first NCAA tournament game in person last month. The Duke-Belmont game was a topper this year; the pure excitment of (almost) seeing history made paid for the entire bill. -Tonight's game was as exciting a Finals game as there can be. Still doesn't top the 1985 Villanova victory, but it goes in my top three or four in my lifetime. -Western Kentucky's miracle three pointer to advance into the second round. -Penn State beating Indiana in March; I should have been there! -Geroge Mason qualifying for the NCAA's. I'm always thrilled when mrrs. jp23's school gets in. -Davidson coming this close to Madness history. The 2007-08 season will be remembered for so many things. Four #1 seeds in the Final Four, so many freshmen captured our imagination, Kelvin Sampson's phone issues. Who would ever think a college game can generate so much excitement? It's the reason I keep coming back. I look forward to next year. Happy offseason!!!