Los Angeles Clippers: 2009 NBA Draft

April 29th, 2009

2009 NBA DRAFT NBA Team Needs/Capsules - NBA Mock Draft - Top 100 Prospects


- We’ll update our Team Capsules with more specific info once the lottery is complete.


Los Angeles Clippers

2008-09 Record: 19-63


Draft Picks: Projected (3)


Key Free Agents: Ricky Davis, Fred Jones, Brian Skinner


How they got here:

There’s no real nice way to say it, so I’ll just come right out with it…the Clippers were all kinds of bad this year. The excitement over the free-agent signing of Baron Davis quickly wore off, as Clippers fans were subjected to yet another season of squabbling, underachieving, underwhelming players. You might think a locker room with Baron David, Ricky Davis and Zach Randolph sounds like trouble, and you might be right. The Clippers were among the most disorganized, disinterested teams in the league all season, with bizarre coaching decisions, questionable effort and plenty of the antics that have made the Clippers infamous. The Clippers do have two solid young pieces in Eric Gordon and Al Thornton, but both players are naturally quiet, and therefore were quickly swallowed up into the locker room dysfunction. Randolph played well after arriving from the Knicks, but banking your future on him has always been a bit risky, to say the least. The Clippers have a lot of veteran players, but they’ve also got some young talent that needs room to grow.


Who they’ll take:

As has been the case in recent years, it’s hard to get a clear picture of the Clippers’ long-term plan, assuming one exists. With so much money committed to Baron Davis, drafting a point guard doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, although the team badly needs a leader to right the ship. They’ve also got a ton of post players, although again, they could use an upgrade, or at the least, some stability. Look for the Clippers to look hard at UConn’s Hasheem Thabeet, who could step in immediately and provide some defense, an area the Clippers were sorely lacking in. They could also look at Arizona’s Jordan Hill, a hard-working post player who could help right away.


Draft History:

2008: Eric Gordon (7), DeAndre Jordan (35)

2007: Al Thornton (14), Jared Jordan (45)

2006: Paul Davis (34), Guillermo Diaz (52)

2005: Yaroslav Korolev (12), Daniel Ewing (32)

2004: Shaun Livingston (4), Lionel Chalmers (33)

2003: Chris Kaman (6), Sofoklis Shortsanitis (34)

2002: Chris Wilcox (8), Melvin Ely (12), Mario Kasun (40)

2001: Tyson Chandler (2)

2000: Darius Miles (3), Quentin Richardson (18), Marko Jaric (30) 


2009 NBA DRAFT NBA Team Needs/Capsules - NBA Mock Draft - Top 100 Prospects


Top Prospects

Stephen Curry - PG/SG - Davidson

Tyreke Evans - PG/SG - Memphis

Blake Griffin - PF - Oklahoma

James Harden - SG - Arizona State

Jordan Hill - PF - Arizona

Ty Lawson - PG - UNC

BJ Mullens - C - Ohio State

Ricky Rubio - PG - DKV Joventut

Brandon Jennings - PG - Arizona

Hasheem Thabeet - C - UCONN