Miami Vice: Rios Suspension & McClinton Ejection

December 3rd, 2008

The Story: Jack McClinton was ejected in Tuesday night's game for slapping Ohio State guard Anthony Crater in the face. McClinton was reacting to Crater's swiping at him and Crater immediately covered his face after contact from McClinton, but remained in the game. Coach Frank Haith was angered Wednesday morning after reviewing the tape. "After watching the tape I was disappointed and I felt that Jack reacted to being hit in the face,'' Haith said. "I was told by the official, Bryan Kersey, that [Crater] had bloodied his nose and that's why Jack was ejected. I never saw any blood. The kid stayed in the game. Jack was reacting to being hit in the face.'' Miami is now waiting to see if the ACC will take further action that may keep McClinton out of Saturday's game against Kentucky. Haith believes that since McClinton was ejected for a flagrant foul and not for fighting that he will not be suspended.

Hurricanes guard Eddie Rios was suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules. This suspension came prior to the game against Ohio State. Rios started the first four games of the season in the absence of injured guard Lance Hurdle. Hurdle returned to the lineup last night. Rios is averaging 6.0 points and 14.8 minutes per game.


Ryter's Block: After watching the replay of McClinton's "swipe" over and over again on TV last night I believe he should be suspended one game. McClinton's action was not a result of the follow through on the pass; it was a deliberate slap/swipe at an opposing player. I understand that emotions get the best of people on the court. I don't think, however, that this is a reflection of McClinton's character. He is a competitive player and sometimes that competitive fire can get the best of someone in the moment. His actions however did hurt his team. With McClinton on the court in the second half, Miami wins that game. However, they end up losing the game after being up 14 at the half. This may not affect their tournament resume at year's end, but this is a game they should have won on their home court against a tough non-conference opponent.

Rios' suspension would have been more significant if Lance Hurdle was still out with an injury. With Hurdle back in the lineup this suspension will not be a huge factor in the outcome of Miami's season.


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