Mocking the Draft: Funny Nicknames for the Prospects

June 26th, 2008
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Nicknames.. everybody has one, everybody needs one. With the 2008 Draft just hours away, it seemed fitting to bestow some new nicknames on this year's top prospects. Some are kind of funny while some are admittedly lame, but either way, its a good change of pace from the same old prognostication.

2008 NBA Draft Nicknames



Alexis Ajinca - The Big Jinx

Joe Alexander - The Emperor

Darrell Arthur - "Chester A"

DJ Augustin - DJ "Saint" Augustin

Nicolas Batum - The Tomb Raider

Jerryd Bayless - Jerryd "Bail me out" Bayless

Michael Beasley - Michael Beasley "as one two three"

Mario Chalmers - The Snake Chalmer

Joey Dorsey - The Dorsal Fin

Danilo Gallinari - Danilo "Gallbladder" Gallinari

Donte Greene - Donte "Three Ball" Greene

Richard Hendrix - Richard "Don't Call me Jimi" Hendrix

Roy Hibbert - Roy "The Third Twin" Hibbert

JJ Hickson - JJ "T-T-Today" Hickson

Serge Ibaka - Chewbacca

Nathan Jawai - Jaws

Davon Jefferson - Davon "What happend to my draft stock" Jefferson

DeAndre Jordan - The Big Fizzle

Kosta Koufous - Kosta "The Coast is Clear" Koufous

Brook Lopez - B-Lo

Robin Lopez - Sidekick

Kevin Love - Mr. Outlet pass

OJ Mayo - Agent Orange

JaVale McGee - JaVale "Don't Call me Fatty" McGee

Nikola Pekovic - The Woodpecker

Anthony Randolph - Anthony "Skin and Bones" Randolph

Derrick Rose - The Thorn

Brandon Rush - Brandon Rush "to conclusions"

Ante Tomic - "Poker" Ante Tomic

Kyle Weaver - Kyle "Bob and" Weaver

Russell Westbrook - Scissors

- I couldn't think of anything for Eric Gordon or Ryan Anderson.. so if you can, send it in. Also, CDR is already perfect for Chris Douglas-Roberts, so he wasn't included