NBA: Final Cuts Include Big Names

October 28th, 2008

By: Eric Pincus  

Cuts:  A number of interesting prospects didn't make the regular season rosters - most notably the sons of former players.

The LA Lakers cut guard Coby Karl.  The New York Kicks let forward Patrick Ewing, Jr. go.  Other famous sons out of a job include DJ Strawberry (Houston Rockets - and his father Darryl was obviously a baseball player), T.J. Cummings (Milwaukee Bucks - father Terry) and Dan Grunfeld (Knicks - father Ernie).

Some others waived include Adrian Griffin, Chris Richard, David Harrison, Keith Van Horn, Justin Williams, Nick Fazekas, Smush Parker, Ruben Patterson, Jelani McCoy, Luke Jackson, Salim Stoudamire, Bobby Jones, Jared Jordan, DerMarr Johnson and Darius Miles, but there were plenty more since the start of training camp.

One player was already claimed off waivers, after the Milwaukee Bucks picked up forward Austin Croshere (formerly of the Indiana Pacers).

According to The Charlotte Observer, the Bobcats are expected to pick up recently waived forward Linton Johnson and center/forward Dwayne Jones.

Those who made an opening night roster with a non or partially guaranteed contract - the date to watch for is January 10th, 2009 when anyone still on a team gets locked in for the remainder of the season.

Some of the cut players may land quickly on other rosters but many will have to wait until January. Others may get a look sooner than later.  Many will have to wait until January 5th, when 10-day contracts can be signed.