Memphis Grizzlies: NBA Draft

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June 15th, 2008
Memphis Grizzlies: NBA Draft


2007-08 Record: 22-60; 5th Southwest

Draft Picks: 5, 28


Key Free Agents

G Juan Carlos Navarro (restricted)

How they got here and what they need

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Memphis Grizzlies: NBA DraftIt was tough to compile today’s draft links, what with the Billy Donovan situation and all. Like many, I have been up until all hours of the night, wondering what will happen, where Donovan will land, what the lawyers will say. Answers were hard to come by, given the confusing nature of the situation. My mind was clouded, my emotions mixed. I didn’t know what to believe. But I’ve recovered, thanks to the NBA Draft and its integrity, straightforwardness and comforting reliability. In a stormy sea of