NCAA Basketball Tournament: Monday's Bracket Tips

March 16th, 2009

Jon Teitel's Bracket Tactics will help you finish at the top of your NCAA Tournament Pools..

Monday's Tips

TIP #1: 7 of the last 10 NCAA champs won their conference tournament before rolling off 6 straight wins in the NCAA Tournament.

STRATEGY #1: Pick a champ who also won its conference tournament last week.

MEANING: Duke, Louisville, Memphis, and Missouri could be very dangerous teams.


TIP #2: No team that lost the first game of its conference tournament has ever won the NCAA title the same year.

STRATEGY #2: Do not pick a champ who lost the first game of its conference tournament.

MEANING: Take a long, hard, look at Kansas, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, and Wake Forest before penciling them is as your 2009 NCAA Champs.


TIP #3: 2 teams in each Final Four since 2003 have been members of the same conference.

STRATEGY #3: Pick 2 teams who play in the same conference to make the Final Four.

MEANING: Don't be afraid to go with multiple Big East or ACC teams in the Final Four.


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