NCAA Bracket Contests: Top 16 to Enter

March 16th, 2010
A little low on cash because of the struggling economy? Need a little economic stimulus? The NCAA Tournament is a good way to earn some back.. you could win up to $100,000,00 getting a perfect bracket (then again, the odds are a bazillion to one so you're better off playing PowerBall), thousands of dollars beating the masses in other games, or setting up your own pool and taking a cut of the action. Now matter how you do it, you need to play to win.


Here are 16 NCAA Tournament bracket games, pools, and contests to keep you busy during March Madness:


CHN's Bracket Contest - Our own standard contest, with some cool features and some cool prizes like an iPod Nano.


Yahoo: NCAA Tournament Pickem - Can't go wrong with any of Yahoo's fantasy offerings. $10,000 for the best bracket.


ESPN's Tournament Challenge - Prove yourself amongst the thousands, win $10,000 for 1st and $5,000 for 2nd place.


Bodog's Bracket Buster - Prizes totaling $25,000.. but this is money to spend at Bodog, not straight cash. Even 250th place can bet you $50. - Besides a perfect bracket, they claim to be giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars of actual prizes.. this seems impossibly large unless I'm misreading something. - Win $25 million here.. the catch is you need to pick a perfect men's bracket, women's bracket, and give them your 2nd child. All kidding aside, there's a decent amount of prizes to win here, so check it out, but its not the biggest bracket event ever despite their claims.


CBS BracketChallenge - Similar to ESPN. Bonus that you can watch MMOD while following your bracket. The grand prize here is an Infiniti. The odd thing is you don't have to have the best score to win, it simply goes to a random person who finishes in the top 10% of the contest.


CBS RoundByRound Brackets - A good alternative for those who don't want to be eliminated by the first weekend. Prizes each round between $500 and $1500. Again, this is random drawing if you're in the top 10% of performers.


CBS BracketManager - Run your pool amongst friends. Beware all the AT&T ads.


FoxSports Bracket Challenge - Win a $1 million with a perfect bracket & various Hooters related prizes. Two people win a trip to Vegas which isn't bad, while others can win Hooters wings for a month.. I'd rather win a Hooters girl..


CBS Selection Sunday Challenge - A new offering from CBS, where you predict what teams make the Tourney. Since you missed this game.. remember it for next year.


Facebook - There's a handful of highly popular NCAA Bracket games on Facebook sponsored by various companies. The biggest is


BracketBrains - An interesting product I've never tried that theoretically helps you do better in pools. - No clue about this site, but it ranks high on Google, and it looks like they legitimately give out cash.


NBCSports: It's Madness - Win a $2,000 from NBC. Come on NBC, you're NBC, give out some more dough. 2nd place gets a big TV. - This is a round by game, with prizes like laptops, gift cards, etc.